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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

karnivool / Tea Party, The beatles / Floydish, Queens Of The Stone Age / King Crimson

band members

Marcus Roberts-Guitar Vocals, Joel Watters-Bass Vocals, Wheldon Thornley - Keyboards Karl Hiller- Guitars, Alex Megaw- Drums


David Bowie / Early Genesis, radiohead / The Verve, pink floyd / Cream / Yes/


Wormhole is probably most efficiently described as 'space rocking, psychedelic conceptual, transient rock’. With a style that is both epic and raw, Wormhole create a powerful yet beautiful journey into the archaic futuristic and outer reaching realms of the human psyche. Wormhole is a complete audiovisual experience comprising rock psychedelia, twisted reverie and wide expanses of resonating consciousness. Though soundscapes are complimentary to classic-contemporary masters like Zeppelin and Floyd, Wormhole has produced a sound completely unto themselves. Discography: The Prophet released 2006 A psychedelic concept album influenced stylistically by Pink Floyd’s The Wall, War of the Worlds and Genesis’ Lamb lies down on Broadway. Building Miscellaneous Windows released 2009 Transient, multi layered and atmospheric, BMW is an album designed to be experienced as a whole with subtle atmospheric tangents coupled with hard-edged guitar playing not seen since the psychedelic seventies. The Design cd single released and launched 27th February 2010. Mastered at Abbey road studios London, The Design is classic wormhole psychedelic rock. Wormhole are currently working on their new album due to be released 2010. Building Miscellaneous Windows album review from Xpress magazine 14.05.09 issue 1161. “Some albums are meant to be experienced, rather than just heard. This Perth act’s second release has a sense of unfolding voyage, making it a perfect contribution to any collection privileging the likes of Marillion, Zeppelin, Floyd, and perhaps a little weed”. Wormhole Live review at The Bakery Friday November 14th 2008 from Xpress magazine 20.11.08 issue 1136. “Wormhole are an entrancing band to watch- their songs are fairly slow-paced and heavy, doomish at times, but always mesmerizing. A band that can claim many genres as their own, Wormhole seem to encompass elements of space rock, prog and doom metal, and at one point during the set they even had a Portishead-style groove going. A screen set-up behind the band showing various images of the moon, the milky way, naked trees and so on, further added to the psychedelic-y atmosphere of the show..” Live review by Cameron Powell, “Soft vocals combined with hypnotic guitar work to enchant the audience into a silent reverie. Wormhole closed the night on a high note, taking punters on such a journey to leave them confused as to whether to return to earth or to just keep flying.” Members of Wormhole are also affiliated with the bands; "The Witches"(Karl), "Dr Preposterous"(Joel,Marcus) and "Masonik" (Wheldon).