Artist info


Rock, Electronic

Sounds like

Faust, Suicide, Chrome

band members

David Gallagher - guitar, vocals, drum machine Ivan Masic - drums, guitar, vocals, bass Caleb Gallgher - bass, tanpura Adam Hipwell - guitar, vocals


Krautrock, Japanese Underground Psychedelic Rock, The Excitement of New Experiences


Born from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, WUNDERLUST started in 2005 as a two piece bedroom exercise in experimentalism and unbridled aspiration. After countless jamms, conversations, shared experiences and lover's tiffs, they have now formed into a four piece and become one of Melbourne's most underground, innovative and explorative acts. When Wunderlust go about making music the following is always considered: "The greatest songs have been sung; the best played and re-played many times! So what's a band to do when all the deepest, most remarkable music has already happened? Perhaps what's needed is a different kind of music; the music of poets, madmen, artists, monks, yogis, shamans, eccentrics, magicians, anarchists and rare, bizarre sub-culturites such as the kraut-rockers & psychedelic speed freaks of Japan. Without doubt the ever-fresh, unusual and irrepressible sounds of WUNDERLUST must endeavour to embody the energy of the 'off-beat'. And maybe their alluring sound epitomises 'unpredictable' and actualises a new sonic bliss!?"