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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Rose Tatoo, The Angels, grinspoon

band members

Rob Dart-bass ,Kai Dart-drums,Sean Woidt-guitar,Anthony Rowe-guitar,vocals


Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden, led zeppelin


from adelaides southern beaches X U ONE started in 2009 as a three piece playing original rock music. with a change in the lineup now a 4 piece ,the boys are pumping out powerful high octane songs they hope to record and release in the near future.until then please enjoy the She Devil demo by X U ONE .keep your eyes peeled for upcoming gigs.FIRE UP!


king pippy

24 Jan 2012


this track is bo...

this track is bollocks..THE DOGS BOLLOCKS THAT IS!!! the story goes that when these bastards get together and play lucifer's missus rises from the paradise that is hell and joins in for some fair dinkum balls to the wall rock and roll! lookout all you wannabe bon scott tight black jean wearin drinkin tea from a jack daniels bottle poseurs.. X U ONE are the real deal. no gimmicks just plug in hit the skins and ROCK!..

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23 Jan 2012


Awesome combinat...

Awesome combination of talent. Bout time we had a great metal sound n still be able to understand the lyrics. Can't wait for the album. My guess.. it's a car!!

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22 Jan 2012


Wicked song from...

Wicked song from local S.A boys

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