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Hip Hop

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Xander James


Post Malone, Spit Syndicate, Drake, Hilltop Hoods, Isaiah Rashad, Seth Sentry, J Cole, Skepta, Travis Scott, Horrorshow, Logic, Remi, Big Sean, Thundamentals, Vic Mensa, Vince Stapes

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DyspOra, Claz, Ryland Rose, MANU CROOK$, Carmouflage Rose, ELK



There’s something happening in Adelaide at the moment, a new kind of energy that hasn’t been seen for a minute, and Xander James is playing his part in sculpting a new sound for the city.

Finding his inspiration in his past experiences, as well as his future goals, Xander lays his nostalgic lyrics over a hard hitting, trap style beat for his latest single “Seen It All”. Produced by Sylvester Beats, the sliding 808 bass glides Xander's bars and auto-tuned hook over this catchy bitesized track.

“This is the kind of song you’ll want to turn up to. When the 808 hits it’s like downing 5 of those stupid energy shots Redbull used to make.” says Xander. “Things will get out of hand.”

On top of this recent single, Xander has been consistently releasing content on his YouTube channel, including vlogs, remixes and reaction videos to keep his supporters entertained between singles.

With an underdog attitude, an overwhelming pride in his city, and a notepad full of bars, Xander is set to release more of what makes Adelaide such a unique scene. Hooks, beats and bars.