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XANI (violin/vocals)



Over a gruelling period of two months steeped in the stifling Melbourne summer, violinist and singer Xani Kolac (that’s me) made more music for a new EP. A serial music-maker and prolific Melbourne music scene participant, the violinist was seen recording sounds and words in the most unconventional of ways: by herself.
Not one to usually mess about recording equipment and gear, Kolac was spotted mucking around with a laptop and Ableton Live - software used by some of the world’s best young beat makers. Rather than crafting nifty beats or drop-the-bass build-ups, it is true that Xani spent days and nights tapping and hitting the violin in certain sweet spots producing sounds solely with said violin. Over the top of these stringy pop sounds Xani crooned and yelped in her own inimitable style annoying the shit out of the neighbours. “The style is neither virtuosic nor sweet”, one neighbour reported, “but it’s got a nice raw thing going on”.
It has been reported (by myself) that the kinds of microphones used included a Shure Beta 58A and a DPA4060. And being used for vocals! Unheard of in professional circles. However, Xani has since decided to release this unconventional sonic experience “Grey” anyway.
The whole debacle has not been devoid of all professionalism however with mixing duties handed over to Isaac Barter (Didirri, Oh Pep!). Most of the sparkle on this track can be attributed to Barter.
The lyrics go somewhat like this: “Am I with the Left or with the Right / Can I be an ally if I’m white / Could I disagree with a feminist?” It’s no Shakespeare but thankfully it isn’t about love or romance or jerusalem artichokes.
Is this perusal into pop worth a play or two? Look, she did the whole damn thing on her own. Even this press release. Give her some credit.


Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

25 Jan 2018

Triple J

Huge ending, huge times.

Huge ending, huge times.