Artist info


Hip Hop, Roots

Sounds like

Triple 3, downplay, rat bones

band members

mikey XXI-main vocalist,, feat guest musicians/producers


EPMD, krs1, defwish cast


XXI is a project started by front man mikey xxi,with a good support team consisting of engineers,producers and dj's that all help to make the music and features guest australian vocalists   Life is a demo-- yrs in the making documents stories of the life of mikey xxi with songs to help inspire by setting examples of using music as an outlet to vent and resolve problems that may arise in life whether its day to day trials or the struggle of finding a sustainable future in the music industry, with a few samplers,mixtapes and singles already released with some airplay and gigs performed regularly the full length album LIFE IS A DEMO by XXI is online for free download,love it hate it rate it ,download it at mikey xxi's history in the hip hop scene involves 20+ yrs in the street arts and dance with the progression to the music being able to write down and document the changes and growth seen and experienced within, for full bio and information feel free to visit to hear examples of previous music and art or to join the fan page or to download the full collection go to other jjj unearthed sites that feature xxi are and use the pic code above on your phone for more links,,, peace,respect and unity through positive movements XXI