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Yasmin Willmott


Etta James, Erikah Badu, Dusty Springfield, Lauren Hill, Stevie Wonder, The Neville Brothers



Yasmin Willmott

Her earliest memory is being an 8 yr old in the car with her mother, driving to school playing Dusty Springfield’s "You Don't Own Me" on repeat for the entire journey. She's singing along loudly and enthusiastically. Emotionally too young to fully understand the lyrics but innately aware of the sentiments expressed.

A natural soul singer.

A Central Coast girl with a fascination for rnb and soul music acquired in her formative years. Hearing the voices from across the decades. Listening to the likes of Etta James and Erika Badu. Hearing it all until her musical centre lay deep in the warm, dark heart of soul.

A youth on a restless quest to express her artistic self. She drags her mother; every week, to guitar, dance or singing lessons. But being a pragmatic only child; mature beyond her years, Yasmin decides to settle, to pursue an academic career. Always secretly wishing…

But you can't live your life wishing…

Her debut EP was written with and produced by Ron Francois. Singing acapella into her laptop. Yasmin sent raw samples of her songs to Ron during the time she lived in Melbourne. And so it began.The 5 tracks on Lover Dont Speak are autobiographical stories from Yasmin’s life. 
Optimistic and cathartic it’s at times a desperately honest account of those experiences.