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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Edie Brickell

band members

YAZMINDI, Jamille Fernandez, Craig Hooksy Bunt


Bjork, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplan , Lily Allen, Joss Stone, Frank Zappa , Arctic Monkeys, Tracey Chapman, Stonefield , Ben Howard, Aretha Franklin

Unearthed artists we like

Puppy Fox, Stonefield, courtney barnett, Hockey Dad, BONJAH


Having spent two months in Austin Texas earlier this year performing at South By Southwest, recording and writing new music, YAZMINDI creates an authentic style through her diverse songwriting. From wacky youth songs about her mum running over her cat to love songs about chocolate, teenage love and life, the authentic persona YAZMINDI creates is unique. At 19 years young, hard working multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter YAZMINDI has taken her music to festivals and venues around Australia and abroad to Austin, Texas. Her style of indie, alternative folk with a touch of harmonica & stomp box, is an eye grabbing show not to be missed.

Originally from Cooktown FNQ, YAZMINDI has come a long way in her young age. She picked up her Mini Maton and recorded her first song at age 12. Then joined a country rock band at 13 years old whilst living in Gympie; YAZMINDI has been in various styles of bands through high-school and has spent most of her schooling life road tripping to festivals for gigs with her family, who inspires her the most. She would spend a lot of time being a presenter and traveling to festivals to interview artists for her dads indie country online podcast, Country Underground. She has performed at many diverse festivals and International festival such as South by Southwest twice (SXSW Austin, TX) main stage at The Gympie Muster, Woodford Folk Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Wallaby Creek Festival, Urban Country Music Festival and Black Mountain Unplugged.

Earlier this year, an Americana song YAZMINDI wrote with Texas singer songwriter, Robyn Ludwick, was fortunately picked up by Major Nashville Artists Holly Williams (Hank Williams granddaughter) and Wade Bowen. “Bars Ain’t Closin'” is an acoustic Americana duet YAZMINDI and Robyn wrote whilst being in Texas together in 2015. There are three versions of the song from each artists individual genre, Robyn has recently released hers. YAZMINDI’s newest single “19” which she recorded in the USA, is currently in the Midst of being released. Her purpose is to share her music with passion to the world and to influence youth around her to be fearless!