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Punk, Rock

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Isaac Rogers - String breaker, Riff maker, Loud yelling,Guitar propelling, Lyric writer, Gravity fighter, All round nice guy - 7/10 Adam Head - Drum smasher, Cymbal trasher, Big ideas thinker, Beer drinker, Security aggravator, Facebook updater, Sex appeal of the band - 10/10


Death From Above 1979, The Hard Aches, Japandroids, The Smith Street Band, Lorde



"Coming from the depths of a dark Brisbane basement, YELLOWCATREDCAT is 2 piece explosion of indie dance punk noise that will tear your face off, if one of their air-born instruments hasn't already during one of their intense, destructive sets."

YELLOWCATREDCAT make music to drink booze and punch your friend in the face to.


Review by Claire Mooney Claire Mooney

15 Dec 2016

Triple J

I dig this a lot. So does my cat.

I dig this a lot. So does my cat.