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Indie, Pop

band members

Adrian Burruto


Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Thomas Dybdahl

Unearthed artists we like

Elizabeth Rose, Lily Parker, The Universal


After many failed attempts at writing my own bio in third person, full of wrongly used adjectives which came straight out of the thesaurus anyway I have decided to just lay it down here in first person. Here we go. I am Adrian Burruto, the man behind Yokey; a solo music project which was created to explore the art of song. I simply enjoy making art. I work in my quasi-home studio out in Melbourne’s west toying with sounds and trying to organise them into songs. Just as the visual artist has a studio to experiment with colours and textures, I try to use the studio with a similar approach. Yokey is more commonly seen as live act which currently consists of me armed with my guitar, voice and a couple of stories. You’ll find me around playing your favourite cosy Melbourne trap.