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Sounds like

Biffy Clyro, Manchester Orchestra

band members

Jamie Killick - Vocals and Guitar Joel Stewart - Bass and Vocals Dan Jones - Drums and Vocals


Biffy Clyro, Manchester Orchestra


Yorke are a Gold Coast three piece who have been living, playing and recording together for the past few years. Since the band’s inception they have played well over one hundred shows in Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, which has helped develop their formidable natural chemistry on stage and in the recording studio. They have recently finished their upcoming EP, 'Green Out, Green Light', which was self-recorded in various studios and bedrooms around the Gold Coast and Brisbane over the last year. The EP began with the recording of 5 tracks live over two nights which became the framework for the band to expand upon, adding to some, restructuring others and recording anywhere they could find to set up a microphone. This authentic recording process was intended to capture Yorke as they are at their best, live and unhindered by the creative strictures of a generic digital recording. Yorke are now on the verge of self-releasing this EP and translating a year of tireless music production and rehearsal into their live shows.