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Dance, Electronic

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aphex twin, autechre, prince, bjork, squarepusher, nin


kanye, talking heads, beck, Prince



New album A Marshmallow Called Moon out March 13 on TruthTable (UK)

Young Girl (aka Michael Strong)’s is a story of endless dogged persistence. A prolific musical misfit with an inability to sit still. Hitting music from a thousand different angles for the last 14 years.
It’s loaded with hooks, joy, imagination, sparks and dreams, standing on the shoulders of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher et al. The songs move with a sense of purpose and structure unusual in electronic.

An accomplished (and award winning) songwriter in disparate genres, a working record producer and a live sound engineer, Young Girl comes at electronic music with a pedigree and skill that is truly rare.

YG supported Melbourne’s Broadway Sounds this year with his super intense and confronting live show - incorporating live drums and primal vocals to push the performance well outside of the standard dj booth fare.
Idolising iconoclasts like Prince and Talking Heads, Strong has never fit in, especially in Perth’s notoriously clique-y scene.

The first album in this surprising musical left turn was Amalthea (2016), an RTRfm feature album. His second Neurotica from 2017 was too long, weird, dark and ambitious for most. The upcoming third album A Marshmallow Called Moon, out on vinyl later this year, is the perfecting of a sound and a feeling, everything coming together in a joyful, accessible, pop influenced glitch dream. The first single Heliocentric Cheesecake picked up some handy Triple J play in 2018, a reward for Strong’s relentless work ethic.


A Marshmallow Called Moon (...

Young Girl

Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

18 Mar 2019

Triple J

a real mind boggler for my monday.

a real mind boggler for my monday.