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Dance, Electronic

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aphex twin, autechre, prince, bjork, squarepusher, nin


kanye, talking heads, beck, Prince



The Night Mayor is an exhilarating, terrifying fever dream of an album. Liquid, hallucinogenic, complex, ambitious and highly entertaining. The Night Mayor packs a strange emotional punch in its haunting and often beautiful glitchscapes. It’s music that makes perfect sense but has absolutely no right to.

The Night Mayor is a mind moving rapidly back and forth between chaos and order, disintegrating violently and re-integrating in catharsis over and over again. A prescription cocktail (Sertraline, Seroquel, Codeine), ludicrously vivid nightmares (Vomit Nightmares, Toilet Nightmares, Frustration Nightmares), the chaos monsters (The Low Men, The Red Birds, The Black Gulls) and the fear of being caught forever (Sleep Paralysis, wake up wake up wake up wake up…).

The Night Mayor is the follow up to 2019’s A Marshmallow Called Moon (“It’s simply a mind-boggling assortment” - Igloo Mag) - an album that wore it’s influences (Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre) proudly - but The Night Mayor sees Perth’s IDM savant Young Girl pushing outwards to create something that bristles with originality.
releases September 16, 2020


A Marshmallow Called Moon (...

Young Girl

Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

18 Mar 2019

Triple J

a real mind boggler for my monday.

a real mind boggler for my monday.