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Indie, Punk


so sexy

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Karina Utomo - Vocals, Ash St Ives - Guitar, Mark Falkland - Guitar, Ross Paxman - Bass, Nugie Utomo - Drums


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Pinky Tuscadero


we are young and restless. we found each other in april 2005. we play noisy repetitive party music. we like to keep it simple. we have played with many good bands such as Die! Die! Die!, Damn Arms, the Suicide Girls and more. we like to play fast. we just play. we don't think about influences or messages. put us on at a party. we promise it will riot.


Reviewed by Chris Scaddan Chris Scaddan

25 Jul 2006

Triple J

Sorry to the hat...

Sorry to the haters, but this is the real deal. The frenetic energy they've captured in the recording is amazing (it's much harder to do than you'd think). And just listen to that dude drum! It's not fashion-core or art school or a YYY rip off. It's punk rock, pure and simple.

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Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Ki...

13 Aug 2006

Triple J

Yes. A song abou...

Yes. A song about the devil. And by God, it's good. I'd be angry if i lived in Canberra too. More please.

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Reviewed by Stu Harvey Stu Harvey

09 Aug 2006

Triple J

Played this song...

Played this song on SFL a bunch of times already - very cool stuff. I cant wait to see 'em live, sounds like a hell of a party.

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