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Punk, Rock

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Al - Guitar, vox, 3d Printer Tobes - 6 + 12 string guitars, vox, reverb tank Lachy - bass, vox, eggs, stylophone, glock Sam - skins/percussion, mixing desk Dave - synth, eggs


Tschaikovsky , jammy dodgers, What king gizzard does next


Just what IS zappo? is it the result of playing with exposed wires? Is it a pressed stick of corn syrup that kids just love? is it a mispronunciation of the man himself, Frank Zappa?
You may be right. But here, to us - Zappo means explosions. of soundwaves... of your pants...
Explosions are exciting! Ergo: Zappo is exciting. Zappo recommends explosions thrice daily for optimal health benefits. Do not dilute with water. Do not attmpet to operate heavy machinery whilst under the influence of Zappo. Should any adverse effects become apparent, consult your sound technician.
With a debut album set for release in the coming months, 2017 is Zappo's for the taking!