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Electronic, Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Kate Bush, Caroline Polachek, Holly Herndon, Hatchie, Eurythmics

band members

Liesl Pieterse



Zellen is a solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and bedroom synth-pop producer hailing from Melbourne.

Zellen's music conjures heart-grabbing nostalgia and effortless charm as entrancing vocals underpin layers of electro-pop, bold synths, dreamy melancholia and choruses that will stick in your skull.

Most at ease tinkering in a dark studio, the sum total of Zellen’s skills come through in the nuanced crafting, warping, editing and adjusting of every parameter to create fresh and intriguing sounds. Her songs emerge from these explorations, each one an intricate, handcrafted postcard from a mesmerising inner world.