Artist info


Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Mumford & Sons, Tori Amos, Crowded House

band members

Zoe Ryan (Guitars, Vocals) Reuben Johnson (Mandolin-Banjo, Guitars) Gemma May (Guitars, Vocals, Glokenspiel) Cayden Hodgson (Bass) Travis Germaine (Drums) Ben Molyneux (Keys) Judith Hamman (Cello) Will Mischlewski (Brass) Malcolm Clark (Percussion) Sam Stopforth (Vocals)


Paulo Coelho, Mumford & Sons, Kate Bush

Unearthed artists we like

Grim Fawkner, Pirritu, MAXON


Zoë Ryan & the Dandy Lion is the formative collaborative music project of singer-songwriter Zoe Ryan.

From 2013 to 2015 the group consisted of 6 regular members and featured collaborative efforts from musicians in Melbourne and Perth.

The group and collaborators released and toured a collaborative EP titled Our Patchwork Hearts in 2014.