Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

The Smiths, Fiona Apple, Laura Marling

band members

Larisa Perry - Acoustic Guitar + Vox Zoe Behan - Keys + Vox Matt Hills - Bass + Vox Ryan Simm - Percussion Jess Zubkevych - Electric Guitar


Eddie Reader, Fiona Apple, The Shins

Unearthed artists we like

Ride Into The Sun, Gold Bloom


Zoe Behan is an award winning singer/songwriter based in Adelaide Australia. Zoe has worked as a multi-instrumentalist in a number of outfits including the popular Adelaide band "The British Robots", who featured in the Australian film "Coffin Rock" with Behan's song "Trickster", and took the title of best band in South Australia in the 2009 Campus Band Comp. Girlband "Gold Bloom", who Played Big Day Out and St Jerome's Laneway festivals in 2012, and most recently Ride Into The Sun. With the likes of musical and literary giants, Dominic and Brendan Behan in the blood, it is not surprising that Zoe Behan is gaining respect and appreciation as a solo artist. Warm melodies and harmonies enrich Zoe's honest lyrics, creating a sweet contrast to the sometimes doomy cacophony of instrumentation. Behan has been compared to artists such as Eddie Reader, Sarah Blasko, Belle and Sebastian and "Enya if she got drunk and joined The Pogues".