Artist info


Indie, Punk

Sounds like

Smashing Pumpkins, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's, Hole

band members

Leah-vocals, Bryn-bass/vox, Ryan - drums, Tony-guitar/vocals


Bjork, Nirvana, The Vines



"If only they'd take themselves seriously", yes the eternal question, though if we did we wouldn't have ever done that lego clip with the lego people doing things that will one day, for sure get us sued by lego. Though Nat's comments "two clowns, two musicians and a PA" we have taken on board as a bit of a live motto. Those that can jump around with an almost cartoon like energy, those that can't keep the music from straying to far into noise and of course we love it loud. The songs we have uploaded are from a little home session that we might tidy up, tart up heaps and put out as a compilation that'll we like to call "The Best Worst CD Ever". We know hopefully we can live up to the hype of the tittle. Let us know which one you like the best. Have fun.