Beyond The Valley - 2018


Check, check, is this thing on?

Let's check out the 2018 Beyond The Valley festival lineup. OK. Joey Bada$$? Check. Tash Sultana? Check. YOU? Check, baby.

We're giving YOU the chance to get on the festival's epic 2018 iteration, set to hit regional VIC this december. 

All you gotta do to be in the running is to be from VIC and have your best tunes up on Unearthed by Nov 25th. We'll do the rest.

If your track is still pending when the comp closes, don't stress! We'll listen to everything before we make a decision. 

Good luck! Official site here.

Unearthed in 2018

Beyond The Valley

26 Nov 2018




Salutations to our Beyond the Valley champs

Yeahyeahyeah murmurmur!

Beyond The Valley - 2017


The 2017 Beyond The Valley festival lineup is stacked like a jenga tower, and built strong with acts like Schoolboy Q, The Presets, Amy Shark, Sampa The Great, Stormzy and more. 

You want a piece of that pie for yourself? We're keeping one warm slice on the lineup for a competition winner.

ONE artist from Victoria will get the chance to play BTV thanks to Unearthed. To be in the running, just make sure your postcode is correct and that your best songs are up on by November 19th. 

One last thing - we listen to everything that gets uploaded - so even if your songs are pending on when the comp closes, that's cool. We'll find it, and listen to it.

BTV website here.

Good luck!

Unearthed in 2017

Beyond The Valley

19 Nov 2017


Slowly Slowly

Slowly Slowly


Slowly Slowly have taken our Beyond The Valley!

Beyond The Valley - 2016


Man alive! The 2016 Beyond The Valley lineup is overflowing with sick acts and we're looking for ONE more to add to the bill!

As our winner, you'll join Chance The Rapper, Zhu, Montaigne, Alex Lahey, Emma Louise, Sticky Fingers and a gosh darn heap of others on the festival, which kicks off this December and runs into the new year. It looks pretty immense, and we're gonna add one more pretty immense talent to the bill.

To be in the running, get out your highlighter, and highlight this crucial piece of information: you need to be from the state of Victoria, and you need to have your best tracks uploaded to by midnight on Sunday November 13. Cool?

We listen to everything that gets uploaded for the competitions, so don't freak if your tracks are still listed as "pending" when the comp closes. We'll listen to em all before we make a decision! 

Very good. Good luck. Other cool festival info on the official Beyond The Valley website.

Unearthed in 2016

Beyond The Valley

13 Nov 2016




Congrats to Woodes!

The icy Melbourne artist will put some chill in that hot BTV line-up