Fairgrounds - 2017


For the first time ever, we're giving you the chance to play the Fairgrounds festival! 

The lineup is full of talent from here and from overseas - The Shins, Jess Locke, Client Liaison, Noname, Future Islands ... there's heaps. And we're looking for one act to join in on the action!

You've just gotta have your tunes up by 22nd October and be from NSW to be considered. If your track is pending on Unearthed at the time the comp closes, that's ok! We listen to everything that gets uploaded to Unearthed before we make a decision. 

Official website here. Good luck!

Unearthed in 2017


22 Oct 2017


Georgia Mulligan

Georgia Mulligan

We've picked a winner

Big ups to Georgia Mulligan!