Party In The Paddock - 2020


The incredible Party In The Paddock... From Matt Corby, Broods, Grouplove, Soho or Tash Sultana, over the years a huge swathe of musical talent have found their way to the Apple Isle to perform at Tasmania's wonderful Party in the Paddock. \We're sad to say... this year will be the festivals last.

They're going out with a bang, hitting us with the likes of Lime Cordiale, Mahalia, Dune Rats and Confidence Man an a lineup that goes deep with burgeoning new acts and mega faves both.

We're out here looking for one more big woofer to add to the lineup. One artist from that we can put on the big stage to make history at the final ever Party.

Could it possibly be you? I you reckon so, it's easy as heck to get yourself in the running. All you have to do (aside from being from Tasmania) i get your music up on Unearthed by Jan 26. Comprende? It's that easy, truly.

For all the fine print click that little 'view terms' button on the left hand side of this page and for festival deets, cop the PITP official website.

Unearthed in 2020

Party In The Paddock

26 Jan 2020


The Tinderboxers

The Tinderboxers

Joining the final ever Party in the Paddock will be...

The Tinderboxes! Booya.

Party In The Paddock - 2019


You got a paddock? You got a party.

Party In The Paddock is back in 2019 with a lineup led by Lily Allen, The Presets, Vera Blue and The Jungle Giants, and they're all coming to the big paddock in Tassie this Feb. We're out here looking for one more band on to add to the lineup. 

You reckon that's you? Cool mate! Give it a crack. To be in the running, you've just gotta be an artist from Tasmania with your best music up on Unearthed (even if it's still pending!) by January 28. Cool? Cool. Party? Paddock. 

PITP have an official website with more information, and this is it.

Unearthed in 2019

Party In The Paddock

28 Jan 2019


Hurricane Youth

Hurricane Youth

Hurricane Youth on the radar for Party in the Paddock

The Tassie punk outfit are set to open the fest on Saturday

Party In The Paddock - 2018


Here’s your shot to join the massive Party In The Paddock lineup! This year’s a bloody belter – Gang Of Youths, Ball Park Music, Meg Mac, Tkay Maidza and more will be bringing nothing but ~pure vibe~ and also ~some songs~ to Burns Creek in Tasmania this February. You want in on this action? Hot. Here’s how:

1) You gotta be from Tasmania
2) You gotta have your best chooons up on Unearthed by Midnight on Sunday January 21 2018.
3) You gotta know that if your songs are still ‘pending’ on Unearthed when the competition closes, you’re still in the running! We listen to everything before we make a decision.

That’s it! We’ll pick a winner from there.

PITP website here.

Good luck!

Unearthed in 2018

Party In The Paddock

21 Jan 2018




Meet your Party In The Paddock champions!

Verticoli will be delivering the riffs

Party In The Paddock - 2017


For the first time ever we're teaming up with the Party in the Paddock crew to put a local ledge on their festival line up.

ONE super lucky Tasmanian act will open up a stage that will feature the likes of Hermitude, Tash Sultana, Sticky Fingers and Luca Brasi in the second weekend of February.

To be in the running, you need to have a postcode that starts with a 7 and make sure your best songs are up on Unearthed by Midnight on Jan 15th, 2017.

We listen to all entries before we make a decision, so even if your track is 'Pending' on the site when the comp closes, don't stress out, you're still in with a shot.

Unearthed in 2017

Party in the Paddock

15 Jan 2017


Carl Renshaw

Carl Renshaw

Carl wins it!

Your man Carl Renshaw is our first ever PITP Winner.