terms & conditions

The Unearthed Artist Agreement and General Competition terms and conditions apply to this competition.
1. Competition dates
• This competition starts 9.00am AEST on Monday 15 February 2021 and closes at midnight AEST Sunday 14 March 2021.
• All artists who have tracks uploaded to during this time will be eligible to express interest.
• The winners will be contacted before 1 May 2021
2. Winners selection
• The six winners will be chosen by a panel of triple j experts.
• The winners will be picked based on the overall perceived potential of the artist/s.
• Other than as expressly provided under these terms and conditions, the competition will be exclusively conducted, overseen, promoted and managed by triple j and its agents, employees and representatives.
3. Competition prize
• The prize consists of the following:
o An opportunity to have a National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Master of Fine Arts (Directing) student, and third year students from Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design for Performance) conceive and execute a video clip.
o NIDA will be responsible for assigning their choice of directing and design students to artists/bands.
o NIDA will provide film equipment, locations for studio shooting, access to the supporting NIDA departments (such as Costumes and Properties) and a limited budget (as determined solely by NIDA). Any additional costs that fall outside the agreed budget will need to be covered by the students and/or the artist/s. All expenses will need to be discussed and agreed upon by NIDA, the students and the artist/s before production commences.
4. Creative decision-making
• Creative concept, design, direction and editing of the video clip will be undertaken by NIDA in consultation with the artist/s, taking into account the artist/s existing brand. NIDA will have complete and final creative and artistic control of the clip.
• Artist/s will be extended the opportunity to view the post production edits and provide feedback, however, NIDA will have complete and final artistic control over post production and the final edit.
5. Filming locations
• NIDA is located in Sydney. Filming will take place in Sydney.
• Artist/s will be responsible for transport to and from meetings and filming locations.
• Filming will be undertaken for at least two (2) days during the period of 09 - 21 August 2021.
• Artist/s need to be available for a minimum two (2) days for filming at the expense of the artist/s.
• If artist/s are not available during this period or cannot be in Sydney during this period, NIDA reserves the right to use actors to represent band members/the concept or to change the concept in consultation with the artist/s.
6. Working with NIDA
• As this project is an assessable part of the NIDA students’ course, if the artist/s cannot work with the director and NIDA team in a timely and professional manner, in accordance with these terms and conditions, the prize will be withdrawn by NIDA.
• The parties agree that all rights in the works and subject matter produced by NIDA and its students pursuant to this arrangement (including, without limitation, all copyright in the produced films and their underlying concepts) shall be owned by, or is otherwise hereby assigned to NIDA.
• NIDA consents to the use of the produced films for the reasonable approved promotion of the artist/s and/or the song by triple j or the artist.
• Where relevant, the artist/s will be subject to the terms and conditions of NIDA's applicable insurance policies.
• To the extent that any assignment or transfer of rights is necessary to perfect NIDA’s ownership of all rights in any works or subject matter, triple j hereby agrees to procure any necessary documents and/or agreements reasonably required by NIDA to do so.
• The artist agrees to provide a song with a maximum duration of three (3) minutes and thirty (30) seconds.
7. Marketing and promotion
• Students and the artist/s may be contacted by NIDA staff members about opportunities to be interviewed, photographed or filmed by media.
• If approached for interview, photo or filming requests, please contact NIDA Publicity & Communications Executive Lliane Clarke on 02 9697 7519 or
• NIDA may also undertake a range of marketing activities to promote the project through different channels including, but not limited to, the NIDA website, social media and electronic direct mail.
• NIDA may take and record photos of the project, including stills from the final video clips, to provide to the media and for use in channels such as the NIDA website, social media and electronic direct mail.
• NIDA is the sole copyright owner of all images commissioned, produced or created pursuant to the work performed under these Terms and Conditions.
8. Working with triple j
• As a winner, the artist/s will be representing triple j throughout this project. As such all artist/s are obligated to behave responsibly and professionally and comply with the rules and requests of triple j, NIDA and their appointed representatives.
9. Other
• The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
• No replacement will be offered in the event that the prize cannot be claimed on the stipulated dates.
• In the event that the winner of the competition is under the age of 18 years, a guardian over the age of eighteen must accompany the winner at the guardian’s expense.
• Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.