What is triple j Unearthed?

Established in 1995, triple j Unearthed has kicked off the careers of thousands of musicians, like Flume, Courtney Barnett, Grinspoon, Meg Mac, The Rubens and Ball Park Music. With over 125,000 tracks, it’s a great place to discover your new favourite artist. You can upload and share your tracks with fellow artists and music lovers.

triple j Unearthed also has a full time digital radio station playing the very best music from 

Through our ongoing commitment to developing new Australian acts, we run regular competitions that give you the chance to play at some of Australia’s biggest festivals, record your music professionally, have film clips produced by talented emerging directors and attend industry events to learn more about the music business. In 2006, we launched the triple j Unearthed website, allowing artists to upload and get discovered on Want the full history of the website? hit it here. 


Can I use the music I downloaded from Unearthed?

All material on the site is protected by copyright law and international treaties. You are free to use and download the music for your personal use only. If you are intending on using the music for a school assignment, or anything else you must contact the artist to get their permission. You can do this easily by using the 'contact this artist' link at the bottom of their profile page. 


Why should I register?

Simply, Unearthed is the biggest and most direct way for you to hear incredible new Australian music. A healthy music scene depends on a strong community of listeners, and registering with Unearthed will allow you to rate and review tracks on the site. Ratings are used when calculating the charts, so you can have input into how successful the tracks become. You can also create your own playlist of tracks you like within the Jukebox, which you can save and share with your friends. 


What are Super Users?

We always keep an eye out for particularly active users with lots of thoughtful reviews and ratings. These users will be rewarded by becoming Super Users (kinda like a triple j reviewer but with a Super User logo next to your name instead of a drum), and their own page on the website which shows all the great reviews they've submitted. Their playlists are available to listen to and download on our Playlists page!


What are the symbols next to the tracks?

M = Mature content.  Green Drum = Played on triple j Unearthed Ditial Radio.  Red Drum = Played on triple j. 



I'm having trouble setting up my profile - help!

Once you are signed up, and logged in click ‘my profile’ on the top right hand corner. This will take you to your personal user profile. This is the profile you use to rate and review music and make playlists.

From your user profile, click on ‘edit your profile/create artist page’ (under ‘member info’) and then you’ll see an edit profile page. This is where you can edit your personal details such as your username.

Also on this page, in the grey-black bar beneath your Username/info and photo, there’s a link to ‘add artist profile’ if you are a new artist, or ‘Manage Artists’ if you have already created your artist profile and are wishing to add a second track. ‘Manage Artists' is where you can add your tracks, edit your artist info and bio and update the photo on your artist profile page. 


How do I upload my music?

Firstly, log in to, click on 'my profile' (top right of screen). Then, on the left hand side of the page, under 'member info' click on 'edit your profile/create artist page’. This will give you the opportunity to edit your personal details, or follow the prompts to create an artist profile/ manage your existing artist profile.

If you haven’t uploaded tracks yet: in the grey-black bar beneath your Username and Profile Photo, click on 'add artist profile.’ Once you've created an artist profile, follow the prompts to upload your music.

If you have uploaded tracks before and are looking to add another track: click on ‘manage artist profile’ – then, on the next screen, you will be able to add your tracks.

You can upload up to three tracks. Please let us know if you need further assistance.


When I try to log in, I’m told my password is incorrect. When I try to change my password, I am told  my e-mail is not recognised. When I try to re-register, I’m told my e-mail address is already registered. What is going on?

When you sign up for Unearthed, we send you an activation e-mail so you can start using the site - you need to click the link inside there to get the ball rolling.  Remember to check your junk mail too, because sometimes it'll get stuck in there.  If you can't find the e-mail, let us know at info@triplejunearthed.comand we'll fix you up.


My song is listed as 'pending'. What does that mean?

If you can see your tracks in your artist toolkit as 'pending' we have successfully received your tracks and they are simply waiting to be listened to and moderated. This usually takes about a week. Ocasionally a track does not encode properly but can still be listed as pending.  If it has been more than 2 weeks and your track is still pending please email us and we will investigate.


I can't find myself in the search bar!

That's okay! It's normal. We have a gigantic database and it takes a day or so for the search to cache and include you. 


How do I get airplay?

Airplay on triple j Unearthed Digital Radio is judged by a panel of triple j Unearthed staff and all tracks are listened to and judged on their own merit. Same goes for triple j.

We listen to all tracks uploaded as they come in and keep an eye on what's proving popular and getting reviewed. triple j presenters will also be going through the site to find tracks to play on-air. Make sure you have your best stuff on the site!


How are the charts calculated?

The charts are based on an extremely complicated mathematical equation - aggregating, averaging and multiplying numbers drawn through user actions through the site. Basically, the charts are based on how many ratings and reviews you have received, what your average rating is, and who is rating you, in addition to your downloads and plays. The charts are updated every Monday.


Can I submit myself as a feature artist?

All Feature and Spotlight artists and competitions are judged by a panel of triple j staff and all tracks are listened to and judged on their own merit - so if your music is uploaded to Unearthed you're in the running!


How are the competitions judged?

Competitions are judged by a panel of triple j staff and all tracks are listened to and judged on their own merit - so you will not be disadvantaged by not being on the site for less time, or not being in the Unearthed charts. 


Who can be Unearthed?

Anyone can be Unearthed. You just need to be Australian, you need to have an original track to submit, and you can't have a recording contract with a major record label. The full T&Cs are here!


Do I have to be Australian?

Yep. You must be an Australian citizen or resident to upload your tracks.


How do I enter?

First the hard part - you've got to create the music and get it recorded. Entering is the easy part. Register for an account, and upload your tracks! Get it below.


When can I enter Unearthed?

Australian Music never sleeps. You can come to this site to enter Unearthed, 24/7. You no longer have to wait until we call your region to enter. As soon as you've got stuff to send us, get online and put your stuff out there. The Unearthed Team and triple j presenters are always keeping an ear out for good stuff to play on the radio and you can also work your way up the Unearthed charts by ratings and reviews from Unearthed members.


Can I send in a CD?

Pls don't. We only accept online submissions. Don't worry - it's easy. You just need to get your tracks into mp3 format. Read our guide to making mp3s for more information. Once you've got your music in mp3 format you just need to sign up as an artist.


What's in it for me?

Unearthed provides you with the opportunity to get your music into the ears of people all around Australia. All the competitions have different prizes, but the outcome is always aimed at getting you more exposure and helping you make more music. Competition winners will definitely get airplay on triple j, you might get professionally re-recorded and even a chance to play at a music festival. Keep your eye on current and upcoming competitions on our Comps page.


What kind of music are you looking for?

All kinds! If it’s original Australian music we want to hear it! We're on the hunt for the best new talent. The style of music is completely up to you, but we won't approve music that promotes hatred, discrimination, unnecessary violence, pornography or uses gratuitous profanity.


Will I be notified if I get played on the radio?

If you're added to Unearthed radio, you'll recieve an email from us saying that your track has made it to Unearthed radio rotation. the triple j specialist shows like Home and Hosed, Roots and All, and The Racket all operate on a case-by-case basis. You may recieve an email from the presenters if your song is going to get played.


Do you play only new tracks on the Unearthed radio station or older tracks as well?

Unearthed Digital Radio focuses on the most recent uploads coming through the site so that we can represent the latest discoveries of independent artists across the country. With that said, Unearthed is all about spotlighting great talent from around the country and we also do give airplay to material that has been active on artists profiles for months and even years.


How long does it take before my tracks and bio are up on the site?

To appear on the site you must submit at least one track. Once you submit your stuff it will appear in a 'pending' state until we listen/look and approve it. This normally takes 1 week but may take a little longer in busy periods. Rest assured we'll get your stuff up as soon as we can.


My profile is "pending approval". Why can’t I see my profile?

Your song needs to be approved by our staff before your profile page will go live. Approval on songs can take up to a week. We can't send people to your profile if there's nothing there for them to listen to!


Can I delete tracks?

You can have up to 3 tracks available at one time. If you delete a track you will no longer be able to listen to this track anywhere on the site and it will not be visible on your artist profile page.


Do I get APRA?

Yes, if your song is added to radio.  As a part of the ABC, triple j Unearthed reports to APRA on every song that’s played on our digital radio station. If you’re a registered APRA member and we’re playing your music then you’re entitled to royalties as dispensed by APRA. If you’re not a member or need more information on your membership check out the APRA website -


Can I edit my profile?

You have the power to change your details at any time. Just login and go to artist management where you can update your photo, bio, tracks...everything! The only time you WON'T be able to edit your profile is in between creating your profile and uploading your first track. You need to have at least one track approved for your profile to be active. You can't edit an inactive profile!


Do I lose rights to my music?

No - but you do give the ABC permission to use what you submit for non-commercial purposes. That means that you continue to own the copyright in your tracks and can use them however you want. However, the ABC can also use anything you submit, provided it is not making money from that use. For instance, the ABC will make the tracks available for free to users of the Unearthed website for personal use and might also broadcast them on other platforms or use them in promos and other programs.

tl;dr? You keep the copyright, and your song might pop up in the background of a triple j video, or an audio package on Hack, for example.


Do I need to have my tracks on Unearthed to be played on triple j?

No. Having tracks uploaded to the triple j Unearthed website is in no way a requirement for airplay on triple j. triple j staff and announcers are constantly scouring the site for new Australian music but if you would like to submit your music to them directly you are welcome to do so. Information on that is here.


Do I get paid if I'm played on triple j?

If you are a member of APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) you are entitled to royalties every time you are played on-air. Visit the APRA website to find out more about joining. 


Can I use samples?

Unearthed is an initiative for original Australian music, and as stated in our artist agreement, to have your material published on Unearthed you need to have the copyright over all words and music and any sound recording in the tracks.


Can I upload a cover?

Nope. Unearthed is an initiative for original music only, and to have your material published you need to have the copyright over all words and music and any sound recording in the tracks.


Can I remix other Unearthed artists?

We will accept remixes of other artists on Unearthed. The reason we cannot accept covers and remixes in general is because of copyright infringement and the risk it poses to artists and the ABC, it's also not in the spirit of Unearthed being all about new independent and unsigned Australian music. A remix of another artist on Unearthed is acceptable if they have given you express permission to do so.


Can I disable downloads?

It is not possible to disable downloads. By putting your music up on Unearthed you are agreeing to allow users to download your music for free. If you do not want your music downloaded then you are advised to remove it from your profile.


How do I upload a new version of a track I've already uploaded without losing my reviews and plays?

Firstly, do not delete your track! Instead under artist management in your profile simply upload your new song over the existing track. You'll then need to email us on to let us know you've replaced your audio. We'll take it from there.


How do I embed a video?

First, upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Then go to edit your artist profile, and paste the URL into the ‘artist youtube or vimeo video’ field. You can change the video displaying on your artist page here any time.


How do I enter Unearthed High?

Unearthed High is a competition we run specifically for musicians in high school. It happens every year, but to ensure we listen to every track uploaded from current high school students we have an entry period. 


Listening to music

How can I listen to music?

It's easy! Start here. Simply browse through the site, find the music you like, press the Play button to launch the Unearthed jukebox, and start listening! You can also download the tracks (as mp3s) straight to your computer. Our triple j Unearthed digital radio station plays 100% Unsigned and independent music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find it here. For more help on listening to our digital radio station online please visit the ABC Radio Player help page.

If you are on a mobile or tablet, you can download our triple j Unearthed Android or iPhone app from your device’s App Store. You will be able to stream and download all the music on our site, as well as listen to the digital radio station and associated podcasts.  When listening to mp3s, our app detects if you are on cellular (for example, 3G) and will play a lower bitrate (96k) to what you will hear on wifi (128k). If you want to hear the highest quality, we suggest downloading the file (192k).  For more info on listening to music and data and streaming rates on our apps visit the ABC radio mobile apps help page. 


How do I use the listening queue?

The listening queue lets you collect music you are interested in while browsing the Unearthed website. Click '+' to add the selected track or playlist to your listening queue without interrupting what you are currently playing. Then, when you want to listen to all your collected tracks, just locate the jukebox window (it may be behind your current browser window) and start listening!


How do I use my playlists?

If you are registered with Unearthed, you can use the jukebox to create your own playlists. You can have up to 5 playlists, which means you can organise your favourite tracks however you like! Your saved playlists will be available every time you log back into the Unearthed. You can also access them via the mobile app. First, add tracks to your listening queue by clicking '+' from the website, and then move them from the listening queue by clicking on the edit (cog) icon next to your playlist in the jukebox. To share one of your playlists, just click the sharing icon.


How do I write a review?

Firstly log in to the Unearthed site. Then click play on the track you wish to review - this will launch a little jukebox.

In the jukebox pop-up you will see a love heart icon (if you click this it will save the song to your profile), an arrow pointing down icon (this will let you download the track), and next to that a speech bubble icon. Click that one! This will then let you rate the track out of five, as well as opening a little window to type a review of the song if you choose to. Then just click submit and it will be sent through to us for moderation!


I posted a review but it hasn't appeared yet. What gives?

All reviews need to be moderated before they're made live on the site. It's a simple screening process just to make sure nobody's doing anything heaps gross. Due to the huge number of submissions to the website, this can sometimes take a few days - we'll get your review up as soon as we can!


Social Media

How can I follow triple j Unearthed on social media?



Unearthed Plays:

Instagram: @triple_j_unearthed (


Digital radio

How can I find out what's on the digital radio station?

Easy – all the regular shows and specials will be updated daily on the program guide


Can I podcast shows?

Yes! Head to digital radio to find links to podcasts or drop by our Soundcloud page. Sling us a comment or review while you’re there and let us know what you’re digging.


What is digital radio?

Everything you've always wanted to know about how digital radio works in one handy web page.


What was that song you played on air?

You'll get instant 'now playing’ track data and a link to the artist's profile via any of our digital radio listening platforms. You can also head straight to the homepage to check out the tracks most recently played on triple j Unearthed digital radio.  Or check out @unearthedplays on twitter.So whether you're streaming on the triple j Unearthed player, iphone app, or listening on a digital radio - you'll always know exactly which exciting new local act you're hearing.


Where can I find triple j Unearthed on my TV?

For most TVs, the ABC radio stations will be automatically available.   In some instances you may be prompted by your digital TV to retune your television to receive the new channels. You'll find triple j Unearthed at channel 29, and triple j at 28.