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There is an indescribable aura in the room when Arley Black picks up her guitar, begins the beat of her stomp box and sings the first note. The multi-instrumentalist has a remarkable way of transforming her acoustic tunes to suit the swing of a room by interpreting what the clients wants and what the audience deserve. Known for her charismatic stage presence and remarkable song choice, you’ll find yourself blown away by Arley Black’s ability to keep the crowd engaged as she puts her unique spin on genres such as current hits, soulful classics, upbeat crowd favourites and alternative tunes. Born in raised in the country music capital, the former Tamworth local began her career performing in local venues during the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Her unique personality and performances saw her continue developing her hobby to a career in live music as she sang her way from Tamworth to Newcastle and beyond in 2010. Arley Black gained invaluable experience in 2013 as she ventured to Walt Disney World to complete a year long internship learning from the best in the business alongside the world’s finest performers. Since her return to Australia from seeing a few corners of the world, Arley Black has built herself a remarkable reputation of consistently delivering the perfect performance. Suited for a laid back afternoon or function of thousands, Arley Black is always the right choice.