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Born and raised from the rough yet beautiful Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, 27 year old KIN3TEK is here to stamp his mark on the future of music. Producing music and mixing sets with visionary compositions, KIN3TEK covers most of the EDM varieties and beyond. His music is both original and unique in style with the knowledge needed to create industry standard and overall enjoyable music for every dedicated fanatic known to exist. Ready to take on the international music industry, he has been producing EDM in Melbourne, Australia beginning in 2010 using Propellerheads Reason 5 and 7, Ableton Live 8 and Audacity 2.1 as his DAW's of choice. Over the passing year’s KIN3TEK has been between New Zealand and Australia working hard in the studio producing the next big craze in EDM incl. huge House tracks from Big Room to Progressive incl. his first collaborative single through UK label Gritty Bytes and DLA (Dirt, Lies and Audio) with 1TRIK and Ghostyy XO aptly titled: Rock Tha Bass (Original Mix) and KIN3TEK’s most recent releases with US label Hooki-Sonic Recordings: Don Mega, REAKT!ON and ROCK ON! (Original Mix) ready for exclusive and public purchase via Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload and Trackitdown.com, alternatively, mixing up a storm using his Numark iDJ3 and Virtual DJ software to rise with the wave of EDM and smash through the floodgates to the next level and Enter The Realm Of Sound. Kayne Kawiti -KIN3TEK