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After blowing up online in the Australian rap scene in 2010 with the release of his Mixtape "Green & Gold", along with his smash single "Return Of The King Hit" 140,000 views on YouTube. In 2011 he hit MTV, Channel V & Rage with the success of his single "Feeling Good" Feat. Soul/R&B singer Adam Sutardy off his debut EP "Climbing Hills". In 2012 he moved away from his American influences & released "Macca-The Mixtape" online in his native Northern Territorian style causing controversy & debate from the Australian rap scene & his own fans. Now in 2020, Emerald Sun returns to pay homage to his old rap style and drops a 26 track monster of an album titled "Mind State Of A Dreamer" produced by the clean, crisp, organic sounds of Sutardy Brothers with also a large contribution from boom bap street vibes of Chilean/Melbourne producer Pabstrakt. This project sat on the artist hard drive for over 9 years, but even though Emerald Sun does not rap in that style no more, he felt it was too classic of an album to leave unheard & dropped it online to pay tribute to his day one fans, as well as his artists & producers that worked on his project. Mind State Of A Dreamer sounds like no album you've ever heard, with the versatility of beats blending organic, commercial, boom bap & electronic sounds all in one gigantic album.
Rambutan Jam Band


Review by Emerald Sun Emerald Sun

27 May 2017


jammin track boyz, love the vibez

jammin track boyz, love the vibez