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Sydney production maestro Kanyon has been flirting with R&B remixes and original tunes for a minute, but he kicked things into the next gear with his ultra-impressive (and free) debut EP Metromorphosis in 2014. It’s filled with featherweight riffs, ghostly vocals and enough groove to get the head nodding, but ultimately the six-track effort is crafted for lazy afternoons on the balcony with your drink of choice in hand. With an emphasis on ambience and atmosphere, Kanyon’s emotive brand of electronica oozes with coastal nonchalance and encourages solo introspection. When he takes the stage, Kanyon is a one man army – bringing his multi-instrumental records to life with guitars, vocals and beats. He’s supported the likes of Fuck Buttons and the Soulection clique, while also launching Metromorphosis at Oxford Art Factory – suggesting that the best is yet to come from this well-groomed lad. [Christopher Kevin Au]