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Melbourne, VIC

friendships are a Melbourne-based art collaboration that produce some wonderfully tripped out genre-bending beats. They're one of the winners of our Listen Out competition and will be opening the 909 stage of the festival this Saturday, October 5 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.

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Tell us about your music - how did you develop your sound?

Nic: It's definitely still developing. Im genre bi-polar, I like to embrace change and movement. I think genres should be explored and maybes exploited. I really enjoy pushing for new sounds.

You’re the Melbourne winners of our Listen Out competition and will be playing the festival at the Royal Botanic Gardens on Saturday, 5 October. What are you most looking forward to about Listen Out?

Mish: Welllllll, Nic's sister is flying over from WA to cop the show. She hasn't seen a friendships set yet, so that will be pretty dope. Shoutouts to Ernie. Legitimately looking forward to copping a decent boogie. Hudmo, Lunice and talabot will be off their respective gutsses.

What can the crowd at Listen Out expect from the friendships live show?

Hopefully a full audio/visual show (still investigating the logistics). We love a groove so we will be chootzing pretty hard. got some new rhythm and vissy's to sling about. it should be a good time, it's the rap game doe.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who was it from?

"Don't be precious about your art." - Michelle Mantsio (Mish's Uni Lecturer). Never truer words have been uttered.

What else is coming up for you in 2013?

A few good parties. Few good projects. Paradise Music Festival will be off it's guts. We have a tour with Audego this October + November, Paso Bionic & Big Fella chootz hard, nuff said.

Australian music is…?

…incredibly dope! Totally inspiring. Some of the hottest grooves live right under our noses and will get the attention it deserves. Embrace community. Community is everything.

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