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Cail is one of Australia's greatest hidden talents. A singer song writer born and raised in Melbourne. Cail's voice has been described as 'angelic' and his ability to sing different genres is 'limitless.' With natural musical talents stitched throughout his family, an obsession of music and singing was always on his cards. His teenage years were spent fronting the hard rock act 'Tread' which saw him tour Australia and collect an international fan base of thousands. Cail then had appearances on the Voice Australia and X factor Australia before being crowned the first voice of Frankston which drove Cail to pursue other avenues in music, and so his love and passion for pop music was born. Success then quickly followed. Cail has a voice that transcends genre, carved from the ashes of a broken past, his passion sparked by the embers of his driven mind. A soulful sound and a versatility seldom found has led him to song write alongside the likes of Sony music producer Michael D'arcy and with artists such as Jai Waitford. Michael has been a huge believer in Cail's talent describing him as a 'superstar', and an 'unbelievable talent'. Cail and Michael's creativity has quickly become an incredible marriage, as they have created 10 songs together in only 8 months, with more on the horizon. For Cail Baroni the future looks bright, with his first solo album all but written, and his assault on the Australian music industry all but imminent.