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No Art

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Sydney, NSW

The familiar and the foreign, blending meditative drones with the ebbing thrash of white noise.

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Tell us about your music – how did you develop your sound?

It's a mixture of luck and vibe. Writing is an instinctual, organic process for us - we tend to play to our ideas and see what comes out. Over the last two years we've honed in on each other's strengths and become very close musically. We also rehearse in a tiny, poorly ventilated room, which drives us a little loopy but seems to help the songwriting process. A mix of cricket and Frusciante trivia from Charles doesn't hurt either.

What should an audience expect at a No Art gig?

They should expect a lot of noise! We're three reasonably small people, but we know how to be loud. If that gig is one of the next few, they should also keep their eyes peeled for a limited run of No Art cassettes...

Highlights of this year for the band?

We had our first few ventures interstate, playing in Brisbane and Melbourne, which was lovely and very inspiring. Also, our extended ambient piece, Snaky Looking, aired on ABC Radio National's Quiet Space program, which we we're quite excited about.

What’s coming up in the future?

We're finishing up our debut EP at the moment with Pat Santamaria (of Lost Valentinos) and hoping to get that out early 2011. We've also got a bunch of shows planned, including a residency at MUM (World Bar, Sydney) in Feb.

Australian music is?

Australian music is distinctly so: we are so geographically removed (both internationally and between cities) that we kind of have to make our own way there. Australia is overflowing with music of so many different kinds. It's nice to travel and find pockets of people just doing it because it's what they do.

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