favourite genres
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop


On a flickering analogue TV set in the 1980s, a small girl sat in her living room in suburbia, mesmerised by the closing scenes of a short film made by her father. As the camera panned out, she heard what would become a familiar and beloved sound. The ringing out of those iconic chords we know as ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ by Crowded House. Thus began a love affair with music, the screen and the mystery of songwriting. Christine Jane’s unique sound is self described as ‘cinematic blues’. She has been compared to artists who share her love of storytelling, darkness and the enigma of song such as Cat Power, Nick Cave, Feist, Beck, Lana Del Rey, and Neil Finn. Her songs are deeply personal and reflect on loss, love, listlessness, and the shadows of despair. Each can be a world unto itself, collaging sound, mood and substance depending on the character she inhabits. Christine Jane cut her teeth collaborating and performing with artists such as Jack Moffitt (The Preatures), The Hoodoo Gurus, Died Pretty, Jack Ladder, Peter Fenton, The Johnnys, The Apartments, Steve Clisby etc…. Her debut EP SINNERS COME & GO was released in 2012 and is filled with dark poetry and ecclectic sounds. Her follow up single MAKE BELIEVE sends you to a smoky Spanish dive bar with its raw sensuality. Released in 2013, it’s available for free at Bandcamp. That same year, Christine Jane was chosen as one of the TOP 5 finalists in the band competition EXHUMED for ABC radio, TV and online, performing a sold out show at The Basement, winning a new fan in ABC Sydney’s James Valentine. In 2014 Christine ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to record her first full length record. H E A D M I L E S was released in 2015 to glowing reviews and national airplay on ABC radio and community radio around the country. “Christine Jane not only has a voice that stops you in your tracks, but she is a great songwriter as well. Headmiles was one of my favourite local releases last year and I look forward to her future efforts. Definitely one to watch.” – Paul Gough host of The Inside Sleeve on ABC Radio National 2016 The lead single from H E A D M I L E S ‘In This Night’ spent four weeks in the national top ten of the AMRAP Community Radio charts, cementing Christine Jane as a formidable talent in the alternative music landscape.