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With flowing drums, expressive guitars that solo in strange ways, memorable melodies and intense, emotive vocals, you can expect the unexpected when you visit The Halls. The primary songwriters behind the glossy, powerful gothic pop of The Halls are Bec – a Sydney-born classic pop lover with a big voice – and guit-artist Ross, a laid-back, metal-hearted 'pun king' from Australia's wild north. Once described as 'shiver pop', The Halls' recordings are solid, considered pieces – yet difficult to pigeonhole, somehow fresh and nostalgic at once. The Halls’ duo morphs into a quartet for shows, when contributors and live band-mates Ged and James fill out support guitar and drums, respectively. Live, The Halls are a surprising tour de force, flitting from intricate and delicate to sparse and epic, to grungy and trashy. After a year squirreled away writing and recording demos, this year will see several new singles and a debut EP release.
Blonde on Blonde


Reviewed by thehalls The Halls

13 Nov 2013


this track is so lucid.

this track is so lucid.