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Junior Under The Moon began as a musical diary, written from the soul of Jay Jr. After providing lead vocals for Post Hardcore/Scremo band, I Explode Like, he decided it was time to dial down the screaming and develop his song writing. Jay retreated into a run-down house in Footscray, and spent a year writing a collection of pop tunes which were melodic and bruised, but had a wicked sense of dark humour. It started as a solo project, but Jay wanted help developing the sound, so recruited Rob Jr, (songwriter and producer for Bird Box) who added a fresh edge to the songs. The two immediately became brothers as they performed and recorded as a duo throughout 2013. Junior Under The Moon expanded the family again in 2014 by adding members Lee Jr (pop princess), Duncan Jr (drummer and sound engineer); and later confirmed the line up in 2016 with members Jude Jr (Bass, El Montez), Ben Jr (Guitar, Acid Western) and Jo Jr( Keys, Johanna Lee Hull) Check out their debut E.P titled "My Head At 3am" released 13 June 2015, pre- extended family stage. FIND JUNIOR ON FACEBOOK AND HIT LIKE.