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Ryland Rose

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Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne rapper Ry delivers complex, crisp lyrics over some slick production from the likes of Hamley and Chiefs. His twenty-something's hip hop is so smooth it'll make you want to buy a convertible just so you can put the top down.

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Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?

I've been rapping quite some time now, ever since I was a lot younger just trying to get better and better at it. Over the past few years I've developed more of a interest in actual song writing and I think that's where I found my niche or style. Once I did that it all kinda began to take shape.

You we’re one of the winners of our NIDA video clip competition, and the clip made for your track 'Ride For Me (feat. Shadow Kitsune)' just premiered on rage. In it you channel Frank Sinatra, which looks fun. How did you find the experience of filming the video?

It was great fun, seeing a team of talented students all focusing on the one goal and outcome was pretty motivating. NIDA is a great institute, world class. It was a bit overwhelming arriving on set and seeing 20-30 extra's waiting to shoot their scene, I've definitely never had that before. I'm used to driving all my sets and props around in my car boot and shooting without permits. As soon as we started shooting it I knew it was going to turn out awesome, couldn't have asked for more.

What can an audience typically expect from a Ry live show?

Twerking (jokes), me performing any of my upbeat songs, some bad jokes from me and good ones from my DJ Jimmy, me rapping over a well known song by Phoenix or doing a Drake cover, then closing it all off with a tribute to Biggie Smalls.

What are you doing when you’re not making music?

Running my clothing label RYWS with my girlfriend, using my Dad's laundry to do my washing, or at my part time job awkwardly whispering voice memo's into my phone.

What else is coming up for you in 2013?

My new EP Amnesia comes out late October and then I'm off to the USA just for November. When I come back I'd love to tour a bit more and get straight into finishing off my album that's produced by Hamley!

Australian music is…?

Currently incredible. The music coming out of this country is just as good if not better than the worldwide standard and that goes for all genres. The sense of community has built as well and it's great to see artists crossing over and pushing the boundaries. It's exciting to be a part of it.

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