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Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane rockers WAAX are one of the winners of our BIGSOUND competition and will be playing our BIGSOUND showcase at Oh Hello this Thursday September 11 alongside Eves, Milwaukee Banks, Little May and Client Liaison. Get to know these "5 ratbags from Brisbane" below...

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Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?
Two chicks; three dudes. The sound we now know to be WAAX developed out of being a show-focused band. We just wanted our shows to be exciting and intense; and that was naturally manifested in our recordings. Our songs are like a harsh aural reality-check with an unexpected nurturing side – kind of like a tough mother-figure filtered through a shitload of fuzz. 
What’s your greatest source of inspiration for making music?
It keeps us somewhat sane. 
You’re one of the winners of our BIGSOUND competition. What can punters at our BIGSOUND showcase expect from the WAAX live show?
Honestly, you’ll be immersed in something you wouldn’t expect of 5 ratbags from Brisbane. We’re about mood. Sometimes loud and angsty; sometimes super reflective – but there’s always passion and I can guarantee you will be more than entertained. 
What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who was it from?
Patience is so important, keep going and things will be delivered to you – our buddy Tyler from Soundpound.
What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying?
'Vitriol' by Bluejuice. Such a fun song.
What Australian track would you play to someone to make them cry?
'Never Tear Us Apart' by INXS. Makes me cry or feel like crying every time. 
You’re the DJ at a party. The dance floor is pumping. What Australian track do you put on next?
Jagwar Ma! Any track by those guys.
What was the last local gig you went to? How was it?
Went to go see Ayla at Black Bear Lodge. She had some real sweet tunes!
Tell us about the bands or people in the Queensland music community that inspire you.
We’re real inspired by bands like DZ Deathrays or Violent Soho to more local heroes Baskervillain…And of course all those crazy event-wizard people like Lachie who runs Kaleidoscope Festival or Ray who runs Psych Night and Junglelove Festival – these dudes bust their arses to give local bands a go.
What are your plans for the rest 2014?
Firstly we just hope to survive BIGSOUND! It’s like music Christmas! And then after that, hopefully hop on some tour supports, finish off our EP…set the foundations for a ripper 2015.

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