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Bloodline is the first single from Brian El Dorado and The Tuesday People's forthcoming new album. Testament to the bands work ethic, the music was miraculously recorded between Melbourne's two pandemic lock-downs in June. Bloodline began as a simple Delta Blues song and was inspired predominantly by musicians from that era. From humble beginnings through a cheap kids guitar the song really took on a more modern twist when the full band added their individual elements and arrangements. Mixing the song himself, El Dorado was focused on an aggressive guitar tone painted over big bass and big drum sounds. The result is a gut thumping fusion of Blues and Australian rock. The lyrics are a powerful rebuke of racism. This is exemplified by the song’s first line, “I’ve got a song stolen from slaves, it’s like a city built on top of Black graves”. Bloodline will be released worldwide independently through Ditto Music on all digital platforms on September 9th, 2020.