I started playing music at a young age. It helped that my Dad was a musician and spent time with me at the piano from age two. It wasn't until I was in High School though that I really wanted to pick up an instrument and play it. Before my teenage awkwardness took over I was quite happy singing pop songs. It seemed that all of a sudden I had acne and braces. I felt like I needed a prop and so I tried my hand at guitar and failed! It was too difficult and I was too lazy. I had tried playing drums but opted for a bass because I couldn't afford a decent drum kit. My first band was an all girl band called Liverpool. My second band was For Crying Out Loud which then became Vifejam and we recorded an EP called Distorted and started playing gigs. I mainly played solo at this stage as all the other members were under 18. Soon after, I met Anthony Ingram of Sexdoll and we formed a role reversed version of the White Stripes called Paris For President. It was 2006 and I recorded a solo album playing all the instruments and writing (borrowing) all the music. In the same year I also made an EP with Andy Willmott of Solar Studios for Paris For President called Raceground. In 2007 I played in various bands including The Knife Waltz (drums), Last Sunset on Earth and Kamukura (bass). In 2008 I joined TRIP (Total Revolution In Perspective) on bass. I played bass for them till 2012. During this time we recorded a demo and a film clip for a song co- written by Ben Wilson (front-man) and myself called Wasted or Trippen. We also played live on Channel 31 in Sydney for a show called Songwriters Across Australia where my song Centerlink featured. In 2012 I joined Lazybones on bass guitar until the beginning of 2015 where I took up drums for Lazybones until recently. Now I am back looking for projects where I can ideally start working on my own songs again. I am currently in an all girl grunge cover band called Lady Luck.