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Scorpié is a composer//studio musician based in Adelaide, South Australia. Though influenced by pop and musical theatre, it is in the studio that Scorpié thrives. Scorpié is a seasoned Adelaide performer who has recently decided to focus on her work in the studio. Her developed knowledge of studio equipment and DAW software is what further enhances her many styles. Driven by diversity, Scorpié and her music does not conform to a specific genre. Scorpié experiments with her songs focusing around alternative and theatrical pop. Both her and the music are animated, she creates stories in her songs conveyed by a theatrical but emotional vocal delivery. Scorpié collaborates with fellow Adelaide musicians whilst working on her own material and hopes to work on it interstate soon. Earlier in 2017, Scorpié’s song Broken Love written by her and Conor Deery was chosen to be in a Nexus Production Group film called "Friends, Foes & Fireworks”. It was directed by Ivan Malekin for the Made in Melbourne Film Festival, Australia.