Paco Wolfe came to life on a small capsicum farm in a little village in Eastern Europe. A hardworking place where women live to the ripe old age of at least one hundred and men believe a beer is best for breakfast. This fusion of old meets new sets the foundation for Paco Wolfe to show where he truly comes from. A heartfelt sound reminiscent of a more peaceful time. A blend of acoustic, folk, pop and country lends itself to create an easy sound that is both catchy and meaningful to its listeners. Who is Paco Wolfe? A cloud of mystery surrounds him as he is not one for the limelight, but prefers to let his music capture the emotion of his audience while he walks through the fields of green and red where his imagination can run free.


Review by Paco Wolfe Paco Wolfe

06 Mar 2014


Awesome track!!!!!

Awesome track!!!!!