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AzmOsphere are a 2 piece outfit from the Gold Coast that combine a traditional acoustic style with soulful ambience, electronica and some hard hitting sounds. The artists have found the perfect balance between swaying moods, virtuosity and overwhelming passion in their music and it’s as much captivating as it is inspiring! It’s easy to get lost in the songs as they whisk you away on your own imaginative journey before being brought back to Earth with energising catchy choruses and feel good vibes! Singer Astrid’s refreshingly profound lyrics of story telling and relativeness keep it intriguing and uplifting so you can really immerse yourself in the music and ride the waves of emotion. The chemistry between the pair is what really puts the nail in the coffin. Witnessing their interaction and onstage charisma leaves the audience feeling alive with love. While AzmOsphere’s influences clearly seem to stem from the indie genre the pairs muscial past delves deep into sounds of Death Metal and more extreme styles of music, causing this little dark secret to divulge itself through moody melodies and more intricate guitar playing. This is something that really sets the act apart from the rest.