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Of all the various descriptors that one could apply to the music of San Antonio native LaJIT, the one that stands out above them all is, "Passionate". There's passion in his song-writing, passion in his delivery, and passion in his execution. Working from his home studio on the city's West Side, he's grown adept at injecting the type of energy that connects with people on personal level. He's made sure that this continued to be the case on his latest release the Blue Sun EP. Delving deep into his personal life for lyrical content he's managed to come away with a batch of songs that are both deeply rooted in his own struggles as well as engaging to the listener. Striving towards a certain level of professionalism, he's applied the DIY ethic in a manner that's afforded him the opportunity to perform at various venues throughout South Texas, including an opening slot at The White Rabbit when Kendrick Lamar's Section 80 tour rolled through San Antonio. It's this state of mind that informs his creative process and the one he carries with him moving into the future.