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19 yr old singer/songwriter, surfer from the Gold Coast, Straalen has grown up in music (if you call a 19 year old as having grown up at all). At 12 years old he become the youngest singer ever signed by Sony Music. At that time he recorded a traditional gospel/inspiration album produced by Australian music royalty - Garth Porter, which gave him the opportunity to enter the music world armed with just an incredible voice and now a certainty that this is what he was born to do. Fast forward 7 years and Straalen demonstrated much determination to develop his own sound and place in the music world. He indeed was enticed to 'sell-out' and participate in the everyday top 40 pop scene with candy pop arrangements being offered ad nauseam, but instead chose to follow his true self and discover his organic 'sound'. As result Straalen is fast establishing himself as a unique singer/songwriter in his own right, smoothly designing moving melodies, clever lyric with a distinctive 'Straalen' feel. Taking inspiration from melody legends like Jimmy Webb, Brian Wilson, Lennon & McCartney et al, and combining influences from more modern day artists like Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and James Bay, Straalen has found his own unique sound and style that belies his tender years. He has just released his first EP, aptly named STRAALEN. We will hear a lot more of Straalen.