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Jamroots! mean business. a dynamic powerhouse impelled by 4 of the most experienced and accomplished musicians form the bay area. Tim stouts lays down phat Bohnam style grooves while his Plant style tenor soars over crunchy blues riffs and psychedelic fuzz of guitarists Sean Thomas (Kisschasy) and Jesse Lee (Love Outside Andromeda), grounded by the roots bass styles of Agung Wicaksana. Since recording there self titled debut in 2012 the band has been very busy on the live circuit from a tour of Agung’s homeland Bali to gigs in support of their favourite NFP's The Thin Green Line and Sea Shepherd Foundation as well as festival appearances at French Fest, Mornington Main Street and Western Port festivals. Providing the soundtrack to the winner of the inaugural mps film fest in 2012 ‘Toast’ Lead to further collaboration with filmmaker Dave Mc Including “Tree to sea” a documentary celebrating the work of local timber surfboard craftsmen. Inspired by the prospect of further collaborative opportunity and driven by a stoic DIY ethos the band have designed and built there own recording studio by the rolling surf of PtLeo beach where they have begun work on album #2. http://youtu.be/W_tcMPIusmE https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=312691585424632 http://jamroots.bandcamp.com/album/jamroots-2