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In the rising surge of modern rock culture, Day of Echoes erupt onto the forefront of the scene reverberating melodic anthems bursting with individualism. Behind a lush soundscape, the four piece rock outfit connect an audience to a reflection of everyday society through their lyrical and musical themes. This is an arrival long awaited for founding songwriter Milny, who with material up to 20 years in the making whittled a host of songs down to an album length of tracks. Birthed at first from a home studio, DoE’s sound began to grow in scale and for the project to be realised in a live forum, its musician count would need to as well. Long term friend Dan Bartlett (Daze) joins Milny on guitars and forming a well-rehearsed rhythm section are Chris Dennis (Drums) and Jay Prati (Bass) both musicians having played together previously in ‘Portraits’ and ‘The Sever Project’.Keep an eye on this up and coming hard melody hitting band as they are sure to be unleashed on all big stages near you soon.