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Check out our recently released single called Moonlight! It's off our upcoming EP called Guiding light, which has some dangerous retro vibes, mixed in with our unique brand of synth rock and roll. If you like it feel free to leave a review! About us: 5 nice modern gentlemen hailing from South-West Syd, playing a unique brand of Synth/Pop/Rock and spanning genres like it's nobodys business. From our conception in 2012 Heart of Mind have stormed onto the Sydney music scene, with humble beginnings in backyards, to now playing all over Sydney and expanding up and down the NSW coast. Heart of Mind have been performing their distinct style of what we call "Colour Rock"which draws from each members personal tastes and musical influences. To find out more Heart of Mind, follow the links below :D - fb.com/heartofmind - heartofmind.com.au - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXR6xoXTMTs&feature=youtu.be