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Baychimo Kin is a fusion of fragile acoustic and soulful electro-pop. Based in Melbourne, the band was formed around the songs of Conrad Williams. London born and bred, Conrad’s voice ranges from tender and ethereal to raw and open. Conrad has played venues across Europe, and has called Melbourne home for the last four years. Supporting Conrad are four talented Melbourne musicians. Ben Helps is a master of intricate melodic guitar work - his melodies are central to Baychimo Kin's fragile sound. Drummer and percussionist Yen Nguyen carries the music through crescendos and subtle falls with gentle brushwork and pulsing beats. David Norrish’s basslines underpin Baychimo Kin's subtle harmonic layers, while keys player Adi Kiriati underscores it all with delicate melodies. Over the last year, Baychimo Kin has collaborated with producer Yen Nguyen (Watercolours) and French classical harp player Emma Carvalho de Oliveira to create their first album, Understood out 9 November 2014, Understood features nine tracks of soulful contemporary pop: intimate moments of acoustic guitar, harp and voice interplay with bass-synth electro climaxes. In support of the album launch, Baychimo Kin are releasing two singles, both accompanied by music videos. ‘Marina’ is a hand-painted animation by French artist Vaiana Gauthier (‘Eros’) and ‘You’ve got a hold of me’ is a story centred around a sleep experiment, beautifully shot by BBC TV editor James Pounce. ‘Marina’ out 31 August 2014,‘You’ve got a hold of me’ out 12 October 2014. Since forming in late 2011, Baychimo Kin have been warmly received on Melbourne’s live scene. After taking time out this year to create Understood, they are returning to the stage in the lead-up to their album release.