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By 2000 it was clear that the experiences of Europe, record industry realities, and disillusionment meant the only certainty was uncertainty. Now sole member, Alan continued to write, travelling between Berlin to Sydney to Melbourne to London and various trips around Europe. With the independent arm of the original label being severed, this left Static Icon without a deal and no desire to seek out a similar experience again. Once bitten, twice shy. For many years a third release seemed like a far distant reality. However, by 2014 the time and space were right to dust off and master the demo tracks that would form the album Metropolis Mindfuck. Thanks to sites like Unearthed, the avenue for a truly independent release was available again. Alan would like to give his grateful thanks to the fans over the years who have been remained in contact, offering their warm hearted praise and patience for the release of this third instalment. This album is the most personal, no holes barred, and honest account of life in our post-millenium dystopia. Human evolution .. man made hell.