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I am speaking to you; yes, you. I ask both of us the following: Why would you be a flower that blooms when you could be a fire that burns? What made you so afraid of losing yourself in a daydream? When did you decide to take the turmeric out of the recipe? The answers - we know, the questions - we doubt. Unwrap the layers of this invitation to defy the narratives that chronicle our limitations, dictate our feats and water our blaze. It started with a prompt; a singular word from a glorified witch. A powerful transference of passion for the unconventional. Art in its various identities – sonic, lyrical, visual... I choose not to beautify the human condition nor romanticise the world we inhabit. Just maybe, together, we can reverse the frame; inside out versions of a singular cell. I want connection, with you. I am Bel - welcome to our new world.