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Unafraid to tell it like it is, Lisa Caruso has gone from strength to strength as an Artist and Musician, and was recently named a finalist in the ‘Emerging Artist’ category at The 2019 Australian Women in Music Awards. Known for her unique vocal sound and distinct style of delivery, songs are packed with punch and drenched in raw emotion. Fronting a well oiled band, Lisa has been performing songs from forthcoming debut album ‘In Feelings’, produced by guitarist Benjamin Fletcher (Sarah Blasko, Marina and the Diamonds). There is momentous breadth to Lisa’s catalogue of songs. Sharing relatable experiences, unique as they stand, arrangements hold a nostalgia to 60’s and 90’s indie eras. Sometimes rocking, and sometimes brooding, Lisa protests to first serve the story. Singles flowing; the raucous attitude of ’A Holiday’ followed brooding ’Shake Baby Shake’, a song about invisible illness which earned its way onto popular American series ‘Good Girls’. Then came the impassioned ‘Borrow My Body’, luminous and romantic. To end what has been a busy and exciting year comes single number four, firing. ’Dream Lover’ is empowering, unrelenting, and explores a vulnerability that shows it’s face before kicking back into gear for the final round.