favourite genres
  • Hip Hop


Legit 'n' MissM are a male/female hip hop duo from Canberra. They combine rhymes and sultry vocals, laced with harmonies. They bring inspired melodies together with gut felt messages all delivered on a foundation of beats created by local and internationally renowned producers. After spending much time in the studio and doing live performances supporting local and international acts L&M are finally releasing their first LP in 2015 titled "Shades of Grey" working with the likes of Ben Kramp, who has been tasked with mixing and mastering their creations, over beats from names such as Verbal, Stateovmind, Anno Domini, New Sense and other renowned producers. L&M are growing the male/female hip hop genre towards establishing a new phase where the female vocal features more heavily and adds to the depth of the mix rather than being used as a filler or bringing the light/melody to an otherwise dark/rhthymical sound. The positive feedback they get from their peers and audiences have been getting louder and more supportive from day one. MissM has been writing music for as long as she can remember, from recording vocals onto her tape deck from the age 8 right through to session vocals in her late teens. Miss M has tried it all with many false starts and was happy doing 'projects' as and when they came her way, thus having worked with many names from Canberra you may know of today, back when they were just starting out, like DJ Archie, Jono Fernandez among others. She never chose to really pursue her love of Hip Hop until after recording their track 'Ruins' with D'Opus in 2008, Legit contacted her again in 2010 to see whether she would be interested in doing an EP or LP as the first track flowed so smoothly, to which the answer was obviously yes. Legit began writing hip hop at the tender age of 17, during the growth of Australian hip hop. At this time the genre began to grow rapidly with albums coming out such as "The Calling" by The Hilltop Hoods and "The Stage is Set" by Lyrical Commission, it was the new dawn of Australian hip hop with the exposure and fan base taking off. This inspired him to constantly write new material and be as involved in the scene as possible. Since then he has never looked back trying to master he's craft as an M.C. Since combining their talents Legit'n'MissM have played gigs both locally & interstate. Small local gigs & festivals with their highlights as a duo being; performing before for Regurgitator @ Conception Day 2011 (SYD) & with various other Local Canberra Hip Hop Collectives supporting Master Ace, Rahzel, Rza (Transit Bar) in Canberra between 2011 & 2013. Legit has also played shows with some of Canberra's local Hip Hop Collectives supporting Pharoahe Monch (Transit Bar) and played alongside acts like 360, Hill Top Hoods, Public Enemy, Hermitude etc @ Groove in the Moo 2011 (CBR). With over 20 years of writing experience between the 2, L&M are finally making their debut by complimenting each others styles with the same purpose and passion for their music.